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The world's leading consensus currency forecaster.


FX4casts: Advantages for Making More Profitable and Prudent Currency Risk Management Decisions

Benefits of a Consensus

FX4casts consensus expectations cut through the variability of individual forecasts to provide a standard of reliability unmatched anywhere. Forecasts for 31 major currencies are based on input from currency strategists in 50 authoritative organizations. (See contributors)

Analysis Made Easy

Every monthly issue provides summary tables for cross- country comparisons as well as individual sections with tables for each of 31 industrial and developing countries.

Intra-month Updates

Significant changes in the currency outlook are updated twice a month, in addition to the monthly issues, for 31 major currencies. This makes FX4casts more timely and pertinent when compared with publications that have only monthly forecasts that often have a short shelf life.

Measures Forecasting Risk

FX4casts provides confidence intervals around each
consensus currency forecast so subscribers can compare the direction and extent of the forecasting risks with the risk tolerance of their individual organizations.

Global Coverage

In addition to providing forecasts for 31 industrial and developing countries, FX4casts provides 1-24 month forecasts updated monthly for 40 minor currencies.

Company-Wide Access

Up to five people within each organization can receive
monthly issues and two intra-month updates as email attachments. Also, email attachments can be forwarded to anyone at any location within the company.

Saves Time

Timely and well-organized forecasts and supporting information are all at the analysts’ fingertips and all in one place! No need to gather information from a wide range of uncoordinated and often conflicting sources.

Superior Accuracy

In Survey Data on Exchange Rate Expectations, Professors Jeffrey Frankel, Harvard, and Menzie Chinn, Univ. of California, evaluated FX4casts consensus forecasts for 25 currencies for 10 years. The summary says, “We find an ability in FX4casts survey data to predict future movements in the exchange rates, and in the right direction!”

Interest Rates

Consensus interest-rate forecasts for 3- and 12-month libor and 10-year government bonds for 3, 6 and 12-month periods are updated monthly.

Economic Indicators

Two-year forecasts for growth, inflation and external accounts are updated monthly for 45 countries.

What Subscribers Say

"FX4casts saves a lot of time as it provides forecasts for currencies, interest rates and economic indicators for all major and many minor countries all in one place. I can go quickly to countries of immediate interest instead of looking through numerous sources that are less timely and less reliable."

GM - General Motors
Joseph Febrarro Treasury Department General Motors

"We found that averaging a large number of independent currency forecasts produced better results than those of any of the individual forecasts in the group. We no longer have to do this as FX4casts does it for us with a much large group and better results."

American Express
Patrick O’Neal Currency Manager American Express

"Our job is to advise people making decisions for our financial markets department. FX4casts is one of our best sources. We particularly value the consensus currency expectations and indications of risk."

citi bank
David Lew International Private Banking Citibank

"FX4casts provides our FX trading department, which focuses on short-term trading decisions, with information that is useful when answering clients’ questions about the outlook for intermediate- and longer-term time periods."

Bank of America
Helen Camp Currency Strategist, FX Trading Department Bank of America

"FX4casts is useful in our fixed-income and exposure management decisions. We evaluate the consensus forecasts and the confidence intervals and how they change from month to month."

Salomon Brothers Investment
J. Paul Horne Managing Director and European Equity Market Economist Salomon Brothers

"By providing a consensus of expectations, we have a higher level of comfort in FX4casts than forecasts of individual organizations, which vary widely."

Nigel Green Manager Vanguard International