Produced monthly since 1986, FX4casts, previously The Financial Times Currency Forecaster, is the oldest, most comprehensive and most accurate consensus forecasting service worldwide.
Each issue provides:


Consensus forecasts and confidence intervals for 30 major currencies (1-24 months)
Updated three times a month for managing currency risk.


Long-term consensus currency forecasts and confidence intervals (1-5 years)
Updated monthly for budgeting and strategic planning.


Forecasts for 40 minor currencies (1-24 months)


Consensus interest-rate forecasts for 34 countries (3-12 months)
3 & 12 month libor and 10-year government bonds.


Consensus forecasts for growth, inflation and current account in 45 countries (1 & 2 years)


World's oldest and most comprehensive historical data base in Excel for all of the categories mentioned above. Many series start in 1986. Compatible with internal spread sheets and all econometric software such as EViews, SAS and Matlabs. FX4casts will customize a package tailored to your individual needs

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Alan Teck, Ph.D., publisher and editor of FX4casts, works with Marsha Kameron, Senior Economist and a team of experienced professionals and technical consultants.

"Consensus forecasting has emerged as the most accepted method of evaluating the financial and economic outlook. The consensus of individual forecasts has proved to be more accurate than the individual participants comprising it."   - Walter Hoadley, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institute.

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