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The world's leading consensus currency forecaster.

Currencies Forecasted

Major Currencies


British pound
Czech koruna
Danish krone
Hungarian forint
Norwegian krone
Polish zloty
Russian rouble
Swedish krona
Swiss franc
Turkish lira


Australian dollar
Chinese yuan
Hong Kong dollar
Indian rupee
Indonesian rupiah
Japanese yen
New Zealand dollar
Philippine peso
Singapore dollar
So. Korean won
Taiwan dollar
Thai baht (offshore)


Argentine peso
Brazilian real
Canadian dollar
Chilean peso
Colombian peso
Mexican peso
Venezuelan bolivar
South African rand
Trade Weighted $

Minor Currencies

Algerian dinar
Bahrain dinar
Bangladesh taka
Bolivian boliviano
Botswanian pula
Bulgarian lev
Costa Rican colon
Croatian kuna
Dominican Rep peso
Ecuadorian sucre
Egyptian pound
Ghanaian cedi
Icelandic krona
Israeli shekel
Ivory Coast franc
Jamaican dollar
Jordian dinar
Kazakhstan tenge
Kenyan shilling
Kuwaiti dinar
Lebanese pound
Malaysian ringgit
Moroccan dirham
Nigerian naira
Pakistani rupee
Paraguayan guarani
Peruvian peso
Romanian leu
Saudi Arabian riyal
Serbian dinar
Sri Lanka rupee
Syrian pound
Tanzania shilling
Trinidad dollar
UAE dirham
Ugandese shilling
Ukrainian hryvnia
Uruguayan peso
Vietnamese dong
Zambian kwacha

Individual currency forecasts and exchange rate forecasts

Individual currencies forecasts are available upon request. You can receive a country page which includes exchange rate forecasts for 1-24 months, currency forecasts for 1-5 years, interest rate forecasts, and forecasts for growth and inflation. This gives you a comprehensive snapshot of each country and is updated monthly. China is provided as a sample.

Globally, interest in exchange rate movements has intensified as financial conditions become increasingly volatile. Investors, corporations, commercial bankers, and central bankers look for foreign exchange rate forecasts to make prudent decisions. FX4casts provides forecasts for 70 currencies on a monthly basis and is the only forecasting service that releases intra-month updates for the 30 major currencies.

Currency forecasts are used by academics in their research. The FX4casts historical database provides a 37-year period and is considered the “big data” of consensus forecasting. The database has been used by Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Wharton and numerous Asian and European Universities.

As shown in other sections of the website, there are many benefits to using a consensus currency forecast. FX4casts offers currency forecasts for 31 major currencies, including FOREX for the euro, FOREX for the yen, FOREX for pound, FOREX for yuan and more.

The foreign exchange rate forecast for the euro is widely viewed an indicator for developments within the EU. The currency forecast for the yen is closely linked with safe-haven currency flows. China is a big player in world trade and the exchange rate forecast for the remnimbi has become highly volatile. The exchange rate forecasts for the Canadian dollar are closely monitored as Canadian trade relations with the US exert a large influence. The exchange rate forecasts for the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar are largely driven by commodity prices.

In the Asian markets, much trade is conducted in USD. In other cases, the exchange rate forecasts for the Korean won, the currency forecasts for the Singapore dollar, the FOREX forecasts for the Indian rupee and the corresponding cross-rates rates are particularly useful for direct investment and foreign trade transactions.

In Latin America, the exchange rate forecast for the Mexican peso is usually denominated in USD. By contrast, for other countries, the exchange rate forecast for the Brazilian real, the currency forecast for the Colombian peso and the FOREX forecast for the Argentine peso impacts investor decision for intra-Latin American trade.